Music. Death. (2016)

bookA story of music and death, set in the transitional social, cultural and spatial backdrop of the slow-paced Kandy of the late 1990s and early 2000s, as seen and recorded through retrospective eyes, mapping a transitional phase of late teens, involving a young group of friends who dream ordinary mid teen dreams. An unambitious book that I enjoyed writing, and enjoyed more, reading.

Publication Year: 2016
Price: Rs 500 (Internal delivery option available; UNAVAILABLE in book stores)


The Fear of Gambling (2011)

An experimental interweave of three narratives of the present and the past of a demi-biographical narrator, set in the climate of the Sri Lankan government’s military offensive against the LTTE in 2008 and 2009. One of the first narratives to emerge in the immediate post-war aftermath, drawing on feelings, anxieties and misgivings of a Southern Lankan narrator, as he looks on the war situation, and the pending massacre in the North.

The Fear of Gambling is also a story of a distant childhood, the disillusionment of dreaming too early and the desire to make that impossible return to “better” times and people. A largely autobiographical novel.

Publication Year: 2011
Price: Rs 550-700 (Internal delivery option available)


Stable Horses (2008)

A novella that looks into mediocrity and non-achievement in the life of CS Kaushalyan, an art and graphics designer who is consistently battling the need to quit. Kaushalyan’s idea of making that break is to contest a popular literary prize with an epic poem of three cantos. Stable Horses is a novel that moves back and forth between Kaushalyan’s past and his present, giving grounding to his anxieties.

Publication Year: 2008
Price: Rs 300-500 (Internal delivery option available)



Love and Protest (2014)

25719372A collection of poetry on the themes of ‘love’ and ‘protest’ that was awarded the Gratiaen Prize in 2014, by a panel comprising of Sonali Deraniyagala, Dineli Fernando and Jehan Aloysius. It collects 50 poems written between October 2013 and December 2014 and is the one single volume collecting poems on ‘love’ by the author.

Publication Year: 2014
Price: Rs 500 (Internal delivery option available)


People Who Don’t Count (2012)


A selection of Vihanga Perera’s best work from 2011-2012.
Price: Rs. 300-500 (Internal delivery option available)


Busted Intellectual (2010)

A selection of Vihanga Perera’s best work from 2009-2010.
Price: Rs. 300-500 (Internal delivery option available)


Pesticides for Ma Pants (2009)

An experimental collection of poetry, set against Sri Lanka’s socio-political rollercoaster of 2009.
Price: Rs 100.



Postcards to Bentham (2013)


A collection that includes a corpus of thematically varied, socially and politically sensitive stories encompassing a diverse range of style and technique Vihanga Perera has been working with in his fiction since 2006. The collection includes his award winning “Photos of Rebellion” and “The Teacher of Baffo”. The stories cut across a myriad local concerns from state violence, national security, to personal themes such as love, dilemma, depression and indecision.

Publication Year: 2013
Price: Rs 300-500 (Internal delivery option available)


The(ir) (Au)topsy (2006)

Vihanga Perera’s debut collection of fifteen partly interwoven, experimental short stories. The narratives are largely personal introspections, often sensitive to larger national and social issues. Upon publication, the collection was deemed “incomprehensible” by the few critics who wrote on the work, but was upheld as an “alternative” approach to the short story by others. Common themes include displacement, coming of age, fantasy, illuion/disillusion and the Lankan political fabric of the early-mid 2000s. The collection is considered as a largely autobiographical delivery.

Publication Year: 2006
Price: Rs 400-600 (Internal delivery option available)



(Co-author of) The Pen of Granite: A Richard de Zoysa Twenty Fifth Year Memorial (2015)

richard cover jpegIn this memorial edition of the slain poet and human rights activist Richard de Zoysa, Vihanga Perera — along with authors Manikya Kodithuwakku and Dhanuka Bandara — discursively explores what it was to engage in radically political poetry in the 1980s, where Sri Lanka was caught in an expanding web of vice and violence. Vihanga’s contribution to the collation analyzes the immediate social and political climate that resulted in Richard’s being slayed by the State’s paramilitary, and of the place Richard’s poetry demands in the contemporary Lankan literary context.

Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: PawPrint Publishing and Photography, Colombo.
Price: Rs 400


Water In the Moon (2012)

Front FINALWater In the Moon is a collection of essays on Lankan English fiction, located in the post-2009 context, but also drawing on relevant shaping factors of the defined field from other temporal moments of recent history. The essays refer to recent and the most contemporary works in the likes of Michael Ondaatje, Shehan Karunatilaka, Mark Wilde, Karen Roberts, Ayathurai Santhan and Nihal De Silva, among others. In these essays, Vihanga is candid on how he feels about drawbacks and inconsistencies he locates in some of these writers in a rare “on the face” evaluation of their work, without any academic/scholarly qualms.

Publication Year: 2012
Price: Rs 500-650


2 thoughts on “PUBLICATIONS

  1. Dear Vihanga,

    I would like to buy some of your books. kindly let me know how could I purchase
    Stable horse, People who dont count, Pen of Granite,Busted Intellecutal,Water in the moon,
    my contact is 0777874067 priyanthika

  2. Yes, this helped. 🙂 I would like to order the following please:
    1. Water in the Moon
    2. The Pen of Granite
    3.The(ir) (Au)topsy
    4.People who Don’t Count
    5. Stable Horses
    6. The Fear of Gabling
    7. Love and Protest
    Please send me a text a day before delivery. Thanks

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