And so at times even we kind of get confused over what we have been reading

This is an extract from a “view” expressed on THE[IR] [AU]TOPSY by a friend / reader, soon after the book came out in 2006. I just accidentally stumbled on this while cleaning my inbox and with the permission of the said reader – LVD – I thought of posting it here.

THE[IR] [AU]TOPSY is that once in a lifetime text; the book I can never write again.


….The book is not always interesting to read. It does have humour in it, but at times it does get very boring. It is as if you (the writer) get carried away with your writing or with your ideas / thoughts and that you tend to lose what you’ve been trying to say. Like, you have one thing in your mind but you’re saying something else, kind of a thing. You do seem to realize it after a while and absolve yourself from digression; but then it’s hard to be convincing since you’ve already diverted our thoughts in another direction.

It’s not the lack of humour that makes it boring or uninteresting to read. It’s the confusion. Then, at times it even sounds chaotic and crazy. You seem to sound unsure and confused yourself. And so at times even we kind of get confused over what we have been reading. And we’ll stop to think many times, ‘what does he mean?’ Or, ‘What exactly is he trying to say?’ This does not apply to all parts of the book, but only to sections of the writing. There is a lot of emotion involved in your writing Vihanga, and that’s why you should be careful about getting carried away with your feelings. I’m not commenting on your techniques in writing, cuz you have all the right to write whatever you want in whatever way you want. It’s not that. It’s not the style or the incidents or anything. It’s just about what you create in the minds of the reader. A reader’s thoughts or opinions do matter when it comes to any piece of art. You’ve got the art, the talent, the knowledge and everything but pay attention to the reader as well. Don’t make them feel you are out of your head or something. Even to a complete stranger, just don’t make them think of you as a maniac.

Maniac writes

Don’t make your writings the kind that is always hard to understand to most of the people. A person who really knows you perhaps might not say that, but still. And maybe they are meant not to be understood, but then again, think about it. You can say stuff. But try to put it in a better way without making the reader feel disgusted about what they’ve just read. I don’t expect this to be a rude passing of judgment; just putting together the comments of a few other readers, as well.

However, overall, you’ve done such a good job. So wonderful to read and does touch the heart of the reader in many different ways…


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